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Tarzan Alive: Lord Greystoke Portrait by Jean-Paul Goude (Bison)
Tarzan Alive: Popular Library 1973 cover art by Richard Amsel
Burroughs Bulletin #81: New Series
Date: Winter 2010
Page Count: 40 pages
Editor's Preface: George McWhorter introduction
Philip Jose Farmer's Tarzan Alive by Win Scott Eckert

     Photo: Farmer ~ Art: 4 book covers
Philip Jose Farmer and ERB: A Shared Mythography by Christopher Paul Carey
     Photos: 2 Farmer pics ~ Art: 10 covers
Philip Jose Farmer's ERB-Related Work: A Bibliography by Henry G. Franke III
     2 Farmer photos and 2 book covers
Philip Jose Farmer's Incarnations of Tarzan by Henry G. Franke III
     1 Farmer photo and 7 book cover illos
Picture Gallery: Boris Vallejo's original cover art for The Mad King (Ace Books, 1979)
Burroughs and Himself: A Study of The Mad King by Arthurus Rex of Pterodactyl Isle (a.k.a. David Arthur Adams)
     Illustrations: 3 book covers
Some Thoughts on Tarzan and the Lost City by Kim L. Neidigh
     Film Poster: Tarzan and the Lost City
Joe R. Lansdale on Tarzan: The Lost Adventure - The Original Interview conducctedby Henry G. Franke III
     2 photos of Lansdale ~ 2 book cover illos
Bibliographer's Corner (Tarzan Alive) by Septimus Favonius
      Art: Doubleday 1972 cover collage by Milton Glaser and Greystoke Crest on title page
Letters: Dennis Larson, Suzanne Henry Chase, Bart Plantega, Jerry Fisher, Jack Bender, Kim Neidigh, Yuri Mironets.
         Poster: The Asylum film poster for The Land That Time Forgot
. .

Front Cover: Vernell Coriell portrait by Bill Juhre
Back Cover: All-Story October 1912 art by Clinton Pettee
Burroughs Bulletin #82: New Series
Date: Spring 2010
Page Count: 40 pages
Editor's Preface: George McWhorter introduction
Notice from Editor George McWhorter:
I regret to report that this is my last issue of The Burroughs Bulletin as editor. My twenty-year stint as editor has enriched my life considerably, and the list of friends made along the way is awesome. But I shall not withdraw completely from the production end of The Burroughs Bulletin and will continue to provide formatting, graphics, and mailing of the magazine. Henry G. Franke III will become our new editor with BB#83, and we have been working together to make a smooth transition without bumps. The Chairman of the Burrougths Bibliophiles Board, Laurence Dunn, has written a gracious letter of farewell which is found on page 34. Thank you, Laurence, for your kind words!

Meanwhile, I exit on an upbeat in the Burroughs universe, with new films, books, and artwork testifying to the permanent establishment of Edgar Rice Burroughs as a major literary figure on the international scene. Fifty years ago I wasn't sure the recognition would come, but now I know it is fact.

Vernell Coriell: An Autobiography (Speech before the Kansas City SF&F Society Sep 11, 1971
    Illos: BB #1 cover | Coriell Circus Act Poster 
    Coriell Photos: Dad & kids | as Tarzan | with Frank Merrill | as paratrooper 1942 | with ERB, Barker & Mike Pierce | McWhorter presents Lifetime Achievement Award
Vern Coriell and Me by Robert R. Barrett
    Coriell Photos: Inscription to Bob Hyde | with Frank & Holly Frazetta | with Hal Foster | with Weissmuller
    Illos: Cover: Jewels of Opar art portfolio by J. Allen St. John | Tarzan cartoon by Coriell
A Memory of Vernell Coriell by Cecil (Wally) Blackburn
    Photo: Blackburn in garden
Vern Remembered by John (Carter) Tibbetts
    Illo: House of Greystoke Guestbook page with Frazetta & Frazetta, Jr. inscription 1967
Comrades to the Core by Frank Puncer
    Photo: Juggling Coriell on Unicycle dedicated to Bill Gilmour 
    Illo: Tarzan art on Xmas card from Rita and Vern sent to BB members - to Bill Gilmour
Picture Gallery: Thark Warrior by William Stout, 1998.
To Be, or To Be Perceived? - The Philosophical Questions in Thuvia, Maid of Mars by Maciej Roszkowski
    Thuvia Cover Art: Michael Whelan (Ballantine 1979), P.J. Monahan (All-Story April 8, 1916), Zoltan & Gabor (Hungary 1992), 
                             Motoichiro Takebe (Japan 1971), Manolo Prieto (Spain 1944), Zdenek Netopil (Czechoslavakia, 1977)
    Painting: George Berkeley by John Smibert (1685-1753)
Walter Clinton Pettee: The First Vision of Tarzan by Rober Hill
    Cover Art by Pettee: All-Story:Tarzan of the Apes - Oct 1912, Jan. 1912, Oct. 1911, May 1911, July 1911, April 1912 | | Scientific American Nov. 3, 1917 
    Misc. Illos: Baker's Cocoa ad 1926 | Fountain Pen Patent 1903 | Death Certificate Dec. 12, 1937 | Evergreen Cemetery, Morristown, NJ | Kemper Chambers - Historian
Letter: Recognition of Editor George McWhorter's partial retirement sent by BB Chairman, Laurence G. Dunn
Letters: Robert Barrett, Dan Fite, Kim Neidigh, Denny Miller, Patrick Premo, Frank Cohen
    Vern Coriell Circus Act Poster: "Gymnastics, Juggling, Tumbling, Roly Boly" - Photo of Coriell with props

Visit the ERBzine Tribute to George T. McWhorter at:
Burroughs Bulletin #83: Summer 2010

Special Foreign Editions Issue
Foreign Editions of the Burroughs Books - The View from the Burroughs Memorial Collection by George T. McWhorter
     Cover Illustrations (most artists are not identified): Lost On Venus (Russia, 1991) ~ The Return of Tarzan (Norway, 1971) ~ Tarzan of the Apes (China, 2006) ~ Tarzan and the Golden Lion (Lithuania, 1990) ~ The Girl from Hollywood (Czechoslavakia, 1927, art by Vaclav Cutta) ~ Pirates of Venus (Spain, 1953, art by Lozano Olivares) ~ Tarzan the Untamed (Denmark, 1923, art by Axel Mathiesen) ~ Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (Russia, 1992) ~ The Mucker (Java, 1966)
Collecting ERB Foreign Editions - Reaching Out by Radio by Tom Lindgren
     Illustrations: 2 QSL cards ~ Yutaka Tanaka photo (1988) ~ Japanese Covers: Synthetic Men of Mars (May 1968, cover art by Motoichiro Takebe) ~ The Mucker (Hidden Island of the South Sea) (July 1980, art: HIsao Saito) ~ Tarzan the Terrible (King) (November 1972, art: Motoichiro Takebe) ~ The Return of the Mucker (Mexico, Unsettled) (September 1980, art: Hisao Saito).
Tarzan A Islandi - A Brief History of Edgar Rice Burroughs in Island by Richard Korn
     Illustrations: Tarzan (Iceland, 1945) ~ Serialized newspaper page in Icelandic (1922) ~ Photo: Ingolfur Jonsson (1892-1982) ~ Tarzan the Invincible (Iceland, 1969, art: cover Edward Mortelmans) ~ Tarzan Osigrandi movie program cover ~ A Princess of Mars (Iceland, 1946, cover art: Stefan Jonsson)
Bibliographic Banter: Czech Editions of Edgar Rice Burroughs by Henry Franke III
     Cover Illustration: John Carter of Mars (Paseka, 2003)
Tarzan and Alley Oop sketch by Jack Bender
What Edgar Rice Burroughs Has Meant to Me by Jack Bender (Artist for the "Alley Oop" newspaper comic strip, 1991-present)
     Illlustrations: Photo: Jack Bender and wife Carole Bender ~ Tarzan-like Alley Oop strip
Tarzan and the White Raven - A History of de Witte Raven Pocketbooks by Ron de Laat
     Illustrations: Photos: Fred Butler, H.E. Jonkers and Ph. J. Zwaan ~ Tarzan of the Apes, Dutch first edition cover, 1920 ~ Tarzan and the Forbidden City, West-Friedland pb White Raven cover, 1968, cover art by Rudy van Giffen ~ Tarzan and the Golden Lion cover, West-Friesland, Tarzan of the Apes cover, Blankwaardt & Schoonhoven ~ Tarzan of the Apes, De Graauw, late '30s, ~ Info Chart for 22 White Raven Tarzan books: covers, series, Dutch and English titles, Dates, Print Run.
The Secret of Exum by Jeff Dee
     Eight Barsoom maps: ERB, Lowell, NASA with Dee superimpositions ~ Cover: Princess of Mars (Japan, 1967, Takuya Endo cover art) ~ Photo: The Mars rover "Spirit".
A Very Special Methuen by Frank Puncer
     Photo: Lee Chase holding The Master Mind of Mars ~ ERB's dedication page to Florence from 1939 ~ Front and back covers with art by G.P. Micklewright.
The Chicago Muckers Chapter and the 2010 Dum-Dum by Jeff Long
     Poster: 2010 Dum-Dum logo (art by Tom Floyd) ~ Map: Billy Byrn's hood on Chicago's great West side 1914 ~ Photos: Founding members of the Muckers ~ ERB plaque at former residence 700 Linden Ave., Oak Park ~ ERB's 414 Augusta St., Oak Park, residence (1914-1917).
LETTERS: Christopher Paul Carey, Kim L. Neidigh, Mauro Pedriali
Burroughs Bulletin #84: Fall 2010
Special ERB Pastiches Issue
Front Cover: Tarzan Annual 1969 (UK - artist unknown)
Back Cover Art: Tarzan: El Ultimo Ciervo (Last Deer) (Spain - artist unknown)
Editor's Kaor Page by Henry G. Franke III: 12 extra pages -  BB 50th Anniversary 
Informal History of the Burroughs Bibliophile Chapters by Henry G. Franke III (15 pages)
        6 photos and 13 covers and logos
Tarzan Pastiches in the British Tarzan Annuals and TV Tornado Annuals by Laurence G. Dunn and D. Peter Ogden
        Two photos of cover artists: Walter Howarth and John Bolton | 1 Pal-ul-don map by Marsh | 20 covers
Irwin Porges and ERB: The Man Who Created Tarzan featured in Bibliographer's Corner by H.G. Franke
        Two photos and two book cover illos (Krenkel HC and Ballantine paperback set)
Memories from the (ERB, Inc.) Warehouse by Cele Porges
        Four photos: Irwin and Cele, warehouse, and two Hillman 1971 photos of warehouse (Hully and Sue-On int. plus ext.)
What ERB Has Meant to Me by Tom Floyd 
        One photo | 1 page Tarzan art by Floyd | Pellucidar cover art
Tarzan in Israel by Eli Eshed
        Six illos of Israeli Tarzan cover art (Text and art from ERBzine)
ERB Pastiches Published by The Burroughs Bibliophiles by Henry G. Franke III
        One Wm. Gilmour photo | Covers of three Gilmour stories with art by Jeff Jones and Vern Coriell
A Review of James R. Nesteby's Tarzan of Arabia by Henry G. Franke III
        One cover: Tarzan and the Secret Submarine with Gordon Scott photo
"Only Burroughs Can Write Burroughs": A Long Delayed Review of the 1998 Dum-Dum Pastiche Panel by Allan Gross
        One photo of Tarzan and ape actors
Letters: Marie Fenton Griffing | Rick Miller | Grahame Stone | Tom Rookes | C.W. (Wally) Blackburn
        One photo Australia fan Wally Blackburn - DoB April 1913
Burroughs Bulletin #85: Winter 2011
Special George T. McWhorter Tribute Issue
Front Cover: George McWhorter - Ye Editor by Scott Beachler
Back Cover Photo: George McWhorter in an ERB reading pose
Editor's Kaor Page by Henry G. Franke III: 36 pages -  George McWhorter Tribute Issue
This issue of the Bulletin is dedicated to George T. McWhorter, the person who reinvigorated The Burroughs Bibliophiles in 1990 when he restarted The Burroughs Bulletin as a quarterly journal (hence the appellation of "New Series") and The Gridley Wave as a monthly newsletter. He maintained a regular publication schedule for 20 years, with 82 issues of the Bulletin and 245 issues of The Gridley Wave.

As curator of Rare Books and then the ERB Memorial Collection at the University of Louisville since 1972, George is now world-renowned as an expert on Burroughs.

George T. McWhorter - Curriculum Vitae: A nine-page autobiographic timeline illustrated with photos originally shared with the tribute at: www.ERBzine.com/george
Tributes to George: (with 8 photographs)
     * Delinda Stephens Buie - Head, Special Collections, University of Louisville Libraries
     * Hannelore B. Rader - Dean Emeritus, University of Louisville Libraries
     * Mike Conran - Editor, ERB News Dateline
     * Frank Westwood and Doreen Schlesinger - Editors, The Fantastic Worlds of ERB
     * Denny Miller - Movie Tarzan
"Tarzan at the Ready" art by Steve Rude
George T. McWhorter and ERB - Bibliographer's Banter by Henry G. Franke III: Burroughs Dictionary | ERB Memorial Collection: A Catalog | The Burroughs Bulletin | Gridley Wave | UofL Library Review | Caprona Courier/ERB Quarterly | The Burroughs Buff | ERBapa Articles | ERB Convention Booklets | Advisor and Contributor to ERB film documentaries ~ 6 illustrations
ERBracketology - Part II: The Characters of the Tarzan Stories by Patrick M. Premo with 4 illos and 4 Charts: Heroes, Villains, Heroines, Villainesses
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting - The Burroughs Bibliophiles, Inc. - Best Western Hotel, Chicago-Hillside, IL, 21 August 2010 ~ 3 pages with one photo from ERBzine.com
Letters: John Carver with Editor's rebuttal ~ Jim Gregory ~ Malcolm Henderson ~ Rob Greer ~ A. Rodney Allbright ~ Bob Griffin
Editor's Afterword by Henry G. Franke III
Terra Incognita - a poem by Kim L. Neidigh

Matching Profile Poses of ERB and GTM 
Burroughs Bulletin #86: Spring 2011

Mark Wheatley Cover featuring ERB overlooking Al Gross at computer
Back Cover: A Pellucidar Scene by Mike Hoffman
Editor's Page: Henry Franke III
Interview with The Greystoke Legacy's Andy Briggs by Laurence G. Dunn with 5 illos
The Greystoke Legacy in the Twenty-First Century by Stan Galloway
Opportunities and Magic Moments ~ Reminiscences of a Tarzan Comic Book and Newspaper Writer by Allan Gross with 3 illos
What ERB Means to Me by Bob Lubbers with 3 illos
Tarzan and Lion art by Colleen Doran
Contemporaries of Tarzan in British Comics by Laurence G. Dunn and Henry G. Franke III with many art illos
Johnny, We Heartily Knew Ye by Richard Stout with 1 photo
Remembering Sarkis Atamian (1923-2005) by James Ivey with 2 photos
Bibliographer's Banter by Henry G. Franke III: Atamian's The Origin of Tarzan
Dum-Dum Xats: Minutes of the Board of Director's Meeting - The Burroughs Bibliophiles, Inc.: Clarion Inn, Pocatello, Idaho, 7 August 2011
Letters: Yuri Mironets (Russia), Tom Rookes (UK), William D. Collins (USA)
Editor's Afterword: With photo of Artists Colleen Doran and Nick Cardy 
Burroughs Bulletin #87: Summer 2011
Special Tarzan Centennial Issue

Front Cover Art by Joe Jusko ~ Back Cover Art by Thomas Yeates
Special Tarzan Centennial Issue
Editor's Page: Henry G. Franke III
The Once and Future Tarzan
- An Interview with Al Gordon and Thomas Yeates by David Lemmo ~ 6 Illustrations
Tarzan and the Centennial Stamp by John Martin ~ 2 Illustrations
Bibliographer's Corner by Henry G. Franke III: Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration by Scott Tracy Griffin ~ 3 Illustrations
Poetry in Burroughs' Universe by Stan Galloway ~ 3 Illustrations and Works Cited
Art by Thomas Yeates: The Once and Future Tarzan
Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan by Robin Maxwell ~ 6 Illustrations and Bibliography
Why Tarzan Matters by Mike Hoffman (mirrored from ERBzine.com) ~ Photo by Bill Hillman
Tarzan and the Bwana Indictment by Alan Hanson
Minutes of the BB Board of Directors Meeting ~ Woodland Hills, CA ~ August 17, 2012
Letters: Bob Lubbers, Kim L. Neidigh, Yuri Mironets (Vladivostok)
Editor's Afterword: San Diego Comic Con 2012 Notes
Burroughs Bulletin #88: Fall 2011
"Catch-up Issue" - Released June 2014
Special Bob Lubbers Issue

Front and Back Cover Art by Bob Lubbers
Special Bob Lubbers Issue
Editor's Page: Henry G. Franke III
Bob Lubbers: In the Footsteps of Foster by Joseph Musso
~ Over 30 Illustrations: Strips and Photos ~ List of Lubbers Strips
Secrets from Pocatello: Dum-Dum Exploratory Trip 2011 by Joan M. Bledig and John Tyner II ~ 26 photos
Bibliographer's Banter by Henry G. Franke III ~ The Good Girl Art of Bob Lubbers ~ 4 Illustrations
Pocatello in Perspective by Henry G. Franke III ~ 2 maps and 1 photo
Burroughs Bulletin #89 ~ 2012

Cover: 1954 Pinnacle Books ~ Back Cover: Frank Frazetta
Editor's Page: Henry G. Franke III
The Girl from Hollywood - Breaking Out of the Pulps by Charles A. Madison with 11 illos
ERBracketology - Part III: The Beasts of Edgar Rice Burroughs by Patrick M. Premo with many charts/graphs and 4 illos
The Girl from Hollywood art by Thomas Yeates
Bibliographer's Banter by Henry G. Franke III: Cassia County Idaho by Kathleen Hedberg
Secrets from Pocatello: Dum-Dum Exploratory Trip, May 13-16, 2011, Part 2 by Joan M. Bledig and John Tyner II with 26 photos
Letters: Robin Maxwell (California) with 2 Jane Illos ~ Dennis Cripps (Tacoma) ~ Tom Rookes (UK) ~ Joe Musso (US)
Burroughs Bulletin #90 ~ 2013

Front Cover Art: A Steve Rude Commission ~ Back Cover: C.C. Beck Tryout for The Gods of Mars
Special John Carter Centennial Issue
Editor's Kaor Page by Henry G. Franke III: 36 pages
The Long Road to Barsoom by Richard A. Lupoff
     Part I: On the Road ~ Part II: On the Road Again ~ Part III: The Long and Winding Road
     Part IV: Let Me Sit in a House by the Side of the Road ~ Postscript: Death Don't Have No Mercy
Writing The Art of John Carter: A Love Story by Josh Kushins ~ 1 Photo
Artist Filipe Andreade: An Interview conducted by  Ron de Laat ~ 6 Illos
John Carter: Stanton Style - A Poem by John Martin ~ 5 Film Stills
Art Gallery: Thark Ready for Battle by David Ullery
Bibliographer's Corner by Henry G. Franke III ~ The Art of John Carter ~ 2 Illos
Interview of Artist Jay Anacleto conducted by Dennis Wilcutt ~ 1 Photo
Secrets from Pocatello: Dum-Dum Exploratory Trip, May 13-16, 2011, Part 3
     by Joan M. Bledig and John Tyner ~ 28 Photos
     Declo, Albion, and Diamondfield Jack ~ The Yale Road ~ Rest Area/Oregon Trail Redux
     My Feet Touch Montana ~ Eventually, Craters of the Moon ~ Atomic City
     Salt Lake City and Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Burroughs Territory Motor Coach Trip Map
Pocatello in Perspective - Part 2 compiled by Henry G. Franke III
Editor's Afterword: 4 featured artist images
Burroughs Bulletin #91 ~ Summer 2014
Bridgewater College Campus Map
Tarzan 2012 Centennial Conference Schedule
     4 Photos
Master of Virtual Reality: 
     Burroughs' Psychological Impact on the Reader by Charles E. Early
     1 Photo
Reviving You Lucky Girl! by Stanley A. Galloway
    4 Photos
Tarzan Centennial Conference Photo Gallery
     15 Photos
Is Tarzan of the Apes Worthy of Classical Status? by Dorothy J. Howell
     2 Illustrations
ERB's Tales in Verse by Stanley A. Galloway
     6 Poems and 8 Illustrations
Creating an Organ Accompaniment for Tarzan of the Apes by Larry Taylor
     1 Photo
Letters ~ Six
      Malcom Henderson ~ Wally Blackburn ~ Ray Gilliland ~ 
     Bill and Shirley Shaver ~ Dennis Cripps ~ Yuri A. Mironets
Editor's Afterword
Burroughs Bulletin #92 ~ Fall 2014

Cover: Tarzan and the Apes by Neal Adams ~ Back: Back to the Stone Age by Tom Grindberg
Editor's Page: Henry G. Franke III
The Jungle Man Art of Neal Adams: An Interview by Gary A. Buckingham with chart and 37 illos
Art Gallery: Tarzan by Neal Adams sketch
Jim Sullos - An Interview conducted by Dennis Wilcutt with 4 illos
Tom Grindberg - An Interview conducted by Dennis Wilcutt with 3 illos and 2 full pages
Roy Thomas - An Interview conducted by Dennis Wilcutt with 2 illos
Editor's Afterword: More on Adams and Grindberg
Burroughs Bulletin #93 ~ Winter 2015

Cover: Return to Pal-ul-don by Joe DeVito
Back: Back to the Stone Age colourized art by John Coleman Burroughs
"Old White bore down upon the bison-men."
Editor's Page: Henry G. Franke III
A History of the British Edgar Rice Burroughs Society by Laurence Dunn with 17 illos
Art Gallery: Tarzan and the City of Gold by Paul Privitera
Tarzan's Undefeated Feet poem by John Martin
Bibliographer's Banter by Henry G. Franke III: Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don by Will Murray with cover illo
Back to "Back to the Stone Age" by John Martin with 6 illos
The New Pulp Movement by Ron Fortier with 3 illos
What ERB Means to Me by Will Murray with 4 illos
After 16 Years, a Canon-Faithful Authorized Novel of Tarzan by Gary A. Buckingham: Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don
Letters: Brice Scalley (Florida) ~ Robert T. Sanders ( Florida) ~ Chuck Tracy (Pennsylvania)
Editor's Afterword: Back to the Stone Age Discussion
Burroughs Bulletin #94 ~ Spring 2015

Cover: The New Adventures of Tarzan poster ~ Back: Tarzan the Mighty Poster
Movie Serials Issue
Editor's Page: Henry G. Franke III
Tarzan the Mighty (1928 Universal) by Ed Hulse with 12 illos
The New Adventures of Tarzan (1935 Burroughs-Tarzan Enterprises) by Ed Hulse with 21 illos
Pictorial Gallery: Tarzan the Tiger (1929, Universal) with 10 illos
Memories of Tarzan and the Leopard Woman by Tommy Cook with 4 illos
Tarzan's Trapeze poem by John Martin with 3 illos
Art Gallery: Jand and Tarzan by Jason Hardy
Art Gallery: Tarzan and Jane by Eduard Esteve Coch
Hunting for Burroughs - Finding ERB's Footprint in Coldwater, Michigan by Michael A. Hatt with 11 illos
Bibliographer's Banter by Henry G. Franke III: Tarzan Slept Here by Michael A. Hatt with illos
Letters: Yuri A. Mironets (Russia) ~ Robert T. Sanders (Floriday)
Editor's Afterword: Ed Hulse and 6 illos
Burroughs Bulletin #95 ~ Summer 2015

Front: Amber Vuilleurmier ~ Back Jamie Corcoran
Clinton School Dum-Dum Art Contest Winners
2015 Dum-Dum Issue
Editor's Page: Henry G. Franke III
Tarzan's Keen, Cold, Steel-Grey Eyes by Alan Hanson with 4 illos
Dum-Dum 2015: Clinton, Connecticut - August 20-23 ~ Schedule with 11 illos
Adapting ERB's At the Earth's Core: Three Who Did Talk about the Experience by Michael Hudson (Hudson/Nash/Chase)
Tarzan: Love of a Darker Land by Alex Simmons with 20 illos
Bibliographer's Banter by Henry G. Franke III: At the Earth's Core graphic novel by Nash and Chase
Art Gallery: At the Earth's Core graphic novel art by Jamie Chase
Writing Return to Pal-ul-don by Will Murray
Poem: Pal-ul-don by Kim L. Neidigh 
Birth of Yale University by Peggy Adler
Tarzan and the Railroad by Stanley J. Kozaczka with 2 illos
Letters: Eduard Esteve Coch (Spain) ~ Ed Morrissey (Connecticut) ~ Chuck Tracy (Pennsylvania) ~ Gary K. Clark (Kansas) ~ William L. Bowles (Maryland)
Editor's Afterword: School Art Contest Winners with 11 illos
Burroughs Bulletin #96 ~ Fall 2015

Cover: Maid of Mars by Richard Hescox ~ Back: Tarzan the Fearless Poster
Editor's Page: Henry G. Franke III
Tarzan and His Captives by John Tucker with 4 illos
Tarzan the Fearless (1933, Principal Pictures) by Ed Hulse with 13 illos
Pictorial Gallery: Tarzan the Fearless with 26 illos
Bibliographer's Banter by Henry G. Franke III: Big Swingers: A Biography by Robert W. Fenton
Art Gallery: Legend of Tarzan by Douglas Klauba
Tarzan Artist Mike Grell Interview by Dennis Wilcutt will 17 illos
Fandango Poem - Dissecting the John Carter movie before we fans even saw it) by John Martin with 8 illos
Letters: Alan Hanson (Washington) ~ Tom Rookes (UK) ~ Frank Puncer (Arizona)
Editor's Afterword: Discussing Richard Hescox and Jacqueline Wells with 9 illos
Burroughs Bulletin #97 ~ Winter 2016

Cover: Kong vs Tarzan by Joe DeVito ~ Back: Thomas Yeates' "Duel for Dominance"
Editor's Page: Henry G. Franke III
New Authorized Editions from ERB, Inc. by Gary A Buckingham with 24 illos
King Kong vs. Tarzan by Will Murray with 4 illos
First-Bound Copies - Ultra Rarities of ERB, Inc. by Frank Puncer with 5 illos
Art Gallery: Tarzan and the Vikings by Sibin Slavkovic and Branko Plavsic
Bibliographer's Banter by Henry G. Franke III: Tarzan, art by Pear Meseldzija in Dark Dragon Books with 3 illos
What? Another ERB Bibliography? by Bob Zeuschner with 7 illos: ERB The Bibliography
Tarzan and the Learning of Language from Text by Yoav Seginer 
Editor's Afterword: Notes on Frank Puncer, Bob Zeuschner, Yugoslave Tarzan in ERBzine.com, BB History and 100th Issue with 25 illos
Readers are encouraged to submit articles about these titles for forthcoming issues.
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