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Jason Gridley is a radio bug. Through his fabulous trans-ethereal device -- the Gridley Wave - we have received news from Pellucidar and Barsoom. It's been quiet of late on the Red Planet and at the Earth's core, but you can still tune into the Gridley Wave On-line to learn what's happening in the world of Burroughs fandom, publishing and merchandise.

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Science fiction legend Ray Bradbury has passed away (1920-2012).

Bradbury was a lifelong Edgar Rice Burroughs fan, his love for the author being best expressed in his introduction to Irwin Porges' 1975 biography, "Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan." 

Dark Horse Comics has over 100 items in their online catalog relating to Tarzan, Korak, and John Carter. Check out their website at
for more information on their products.

Reports on the news, publications and events in ERB World are available in the monthly online ERBzine feature: ERB Eclectica:

The Longest-running ERB fanzine -- Pete Ogden's ERBANIA -- has ended publication after 57 years. An amazing achievement! Our thanks go our to Pete.

The University of Nebraska Press has 17 Burroughs related items in their
catalog of publications for 2014. For domestic orders or customer service,
contact them at: 1-800-848-6224. Foreign Orders and Customer Service are handled at: 1-919-966-7449.

Contributed by Joan Bledig, Phil Burger, and Bill Hillman

" There is a vast difference between seeing life and living life. I believe I have done the latter. In fact I don't think I could have written much if I hadn't. (ERB had served in the US Cavalry in Arizona, been a gold miner in Oregon, a policeman in Salt Lake City, a cowboy in Idaho...) [But]...It is necessary for nearly all of us to acquire part of our 'experience' second hand. Yet this should never be permitted to overshadow the greater art of imagination. "