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The Gridley Wave #331 (April 2010) reported an unknown variant edition of ERB's "An Auto-Biography," published in 1916 by the Republic Motor Truck Co, Inc. Characterized as a possible "trade" edition, it was bound in illustrated cardboard covers. Bibliophiles member Joe Lukes reported to George McWhorter in late May that he had just purchased a mint copy of this variant, which arrived in a still-unopened envelope originally created as the mailer for the book. Joe provided these images of this unique envelope featuring the special artwork.

In Memoriam 
Illustrator Al Williamson (21 March 1931 – 12 June 2010)
Al Williamson in the 1950s.As a teen in the 1940s, Williamson took art classes with Burne Hogarth, and later attended Hogarth's Cartoonists and Illustrators School, where he met Roy Krenkel. Among Williamson’s very first professional work were laying out and penciling a number of Tarzan newspaper Sunday pages for Hogarth in 1948. Williamson reported that he had recommended John Celardo to assist Hogarth on the strip. 

In the early 1950s, Williamson was the youngest member in the acclaimed EC Comics stable of artists, often collaborating with Frank Frazetta. Williamson's photorealistic pen-and-brush style and dynamic composition earned him the highest accolades from peers and fans for decades, and he became a mentor to many promising artists over the years, including Michael Kaluta. Williamson was a featured guest at the 1998 Baltimore Dum-Dum.


In Memoriam 
Professor Walter James Miller (16 January 1918 – 20 June 2010)
Walter James Miller, Professor Emeritus at New York University, was a poet, playwright, literary critic, educator, and host of WNYC's TV and radio shows "Book World" and "Reader's Almanac."

Miller achieved international recognition as a scholar of modern American fiction and of Jules Verne, and was the first major American scholar to affirm that poor English translations of Verne had severely damaged Verne’s reputation in the US. Miller had written an extensive introduction to the 1976 Watson-Guptill first edition of Burne Hogarth's graphic adaptation of Jungle Tales of Tarzan, crediting the storytelling power of ERB and Hogarth.


Campfire Graphic Novels Series 
Features Adaptations of Three ERB Novels
Campfire is a graphic novel publisher based in New Delhi, India ( Their adaptations, first of The Lost Continent and then of The Land that Time Forgot and The People that Time Forgot, are available through direct order. Marketed earlier to comic shops for release last April, and are now taking pre-orders for end-of-year releases. Books are in trade paperback format, 72 pages long, and in full color, with an Amazon sales price of $9.99. A Campfire manager told Bibliophiles president Laurence Dunn in May that they currently have no plans to publish Out of Time’s Abyss.

The Lost Continent
adapted by Anne Moore Odell
illustrated by Ricardo Sánchez

The Land that Time Forgot
adapted by Scott Alexander Young
illustrated by K.L. Jones

The People that Time Forgot
adapted by Steven Philip Jones
illustrated by K.L. Jones
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The Gridley Wave #334  July 2010
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