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Two Sets Of Tarzan Dvds On Sale By Warner Archives
In case you missed previous announcements, the six Gordon Scott Tarzan films have been issued on DVD for the price of $59.95, while the five Lex Barker Tarzans are advertised at $49.95, which is a 50% discount from the regular prices of $19.95 for each film. Our copies arrived just before Thanksgiving.

These DVDs are available only through the Warner Bros. web site ( and are part of the Warner Archives series. These are bare-bones productions with no bonus features. The picture quality, though not digitally remastered, is of excellent quality, however. WB has many other early movies available in their Archives series that have not been released commercially.

Other recent arrivals include volumes three and four of the Dark Horse Books entitled Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan: The Jesse Marsh Years. Both books are brilliantly colored reproductions of the Jesse Marsh comics scripted by Gaylord DuBois. Volume 3 includes a foreword by Jaime Hernandez, while the fourth volume has a foreword by Richard Corben. Both volumes are dedicated to Danton Burroughs. These are hardbound books with dust jacket color illustrations of Lex Barker as Tarzan. Tarzan comics collectors will find these Dark Horse books a handsome addition to their collections.


You can order the books through any bookstore or online vendor. They are $49.95 each.

 I was horrified to find a typo in the last issue of the Burroughs Bulletin when the "r" had been left out of "work." I remember seeing the same typo in a newspaper when I was about ten years old, and asking my grandmother what it meant. Without hesitation she answered: "A wok is something you fwo at a wabbit.” I think I became an editor at that point in my life, but I still occasionally miss a few typos. I'll have to wok at it. 
... "Ye Editor"

D. Ashley King and Bruce Wood Have Departed This Life
We were greatly saddened to hear of the death of two of our finest Burroughs Bibliophiles. We lost Ashley King on
September 11, 2009. He hosted our annual Dum-Dum at Binghamton, New York, and printed the first and only catalog
of the Burroughs Memorial Collection in 1989, before moving to Michigan. He also purchased a large number of
rare books from the personal collection of our founder, Vern Coriell. He leaves behind a daughter, Alexandra King,
at 14404 Dresden Drive, Sterling Heights, Michigan, 48312. Expressions of sympathy may be sent to family advisor
Mary Ellen Zander, McComb Daily, 100 McComb Daily Drive, Mount Clemens, MI 48043.

Our second sorrow stems from the November death of Bruce Wood, a collector and art binder of Burroughs books for
many years. He created dust jackets for most of the ERBville Press Burroughs books produced by Jerry Schneider,
and made collectors' editions of many book covers with color reproductions of the original dust jacket illustrations.
Unfortunately, he died intestate, so one of his two sisters, Laura Meyer, is trying to get power of attorney to handle the
sale of his Burroughs books and artwork. If she succeeds, the Bruce Wood Burroughs Collection will be advertised
on the internet, and we will bring you further information as it unfolds.

On a related matter, Cheryl Crane of the University of Louisville Development Office, attended this year's Dum-Dum
in Dayton, Ohio, to give a talk on the creation of a Burroughs Bibliophiles Endowment Fund, which she spearheaded
at the U of L with the collaboration of our Board of Directors. Many requests for further information have come in, so
we asked her if she could give a few pointers on how to avoid dying intestate, like Bruce Wood, who often mentioned
leaving his collection to the Burroughs Memorial Collection. Her comments follow. A separate fund for the preservation
and upkeep of the Burroughs Memorial collection was established by the Curator, George T. McWhorter, who
has willed his estate to the U of L for this purpose. A donation of $500 was received recently from a subscriber to the
Burroughs Bulletin who wrote: "The adventures of Tarzan have seen me through some dark times in my life and this
is my way of saying ‘thank you’ to his creator."
For those wishing to allocate their ERB collections to the University of Louisville upon death, please incorporate the
following verbiage in your last will and testament. (The two examples demonstrate a gift of books/art/property and a
monetary gift. Please ask if there are any questions about the best way to communicate your wishes.)

Physical Collection Sample Bequest to the
Burroughs Bibliophiles Fund for the Edgar Rice Burroughs Collections
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
University of Louisville Ekstrom Library

I bequeath __(please specify collection or pieces of collection)__ to the University of Louisville Foundation, Inc, Louisville,
KY, to be added to the Edgar Rice Burroughs Collections at the University of Louisville.

* * * * *

Monetary Sample Bequest to the
Burroughs Bibliophiles Fund for the Edgar Rice Burroughs Collections
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
University of Louisville Ekstrom Library

I bequeath __(please allocate dollar figure or percentage of estate)__ to the University of Louisville Foundation, Inc.,
Louisville, KY, to be added to the Burroughs Bibliophiles Fund for the Edgar Rice Burroughs Collections at the University
of Louisville.

Cheryl Crane at the University of Louisville is a colleague of George McWhorter's and is thrilled with the opportunity
to work with each of you. Please contact her with any questions at or 502-852-3523.

The Gridley Wave #327 ~ December 2009
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