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James Cawthorn (1929-2008) Artist
Jim Cawthorn is best known to Burroughs fans for his early work on the British fanzine Burroughsiana, edited by Michael Moorcock from 1956-1958, and for Erbania, edited by Pete Ogden during the same period. He also illustrated for Tarzan Adventures, a series of Tarzan comics interspersed with other stories and articles, also edited by Michael Moorcock. The series was reprinted by Savoy in 1977. 

American Burroughs fans were generally unfamiliar with the British Tarzan publications before the Internet came onto the scene, but they are certainly familiar with the film production of The Land That Time Forgot, for which Jim Cawthorn and Michael Moorcock wrote the screenplay.

This Amicus film starred Doug McClure, making his first appearance in a British film under the auspices of American International Pictures, Inc. Cawthorn is reported to have been dissatisfied with the changes made to their screenplay which was written and signed on October, 1973, and which was filmed a year later. Besides changing names, characters and situations, they blew up Caprona which did not sit well with most American fans.

Cawthorn had produced many unpublished comic strips, including The Land That Time Forgot, and was working on A Princess of Mars when he died on December 2, 2008. He and Moorcock edited Fantasy: The 100 Best Books, published in London by Xanadu in 1988.

Cawthorn had many admirers, including Tarzan artist Burne Hogarth who wrote that the young artist’s work had a quality "most compelling and fascinating... He has an authentic talent." Of the many Cawthorn illustrations available for viewing, we found an early (1958) original in the Burroughs Memorial Collection which he drew for one of  Maurice B. Gardner’s Bantan books, so we include it on this page (shown below).

Bantan illustration and a self-portrait of Jim Cawthorn and some of his creations.

A Spanish poster for The Land That Time Forgot
Jim Cawthorn remembers
Tarzan Adventures
New from Dark Horse
Tarzan the Jesse Marsh Years

In other news, Tarzan comics enthusiasts will want to order Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan: The Jesse Marsh Years, from Dark Horse comics, with volume one due for publication by May 20 of this year for $49.95 (Volume 2 due later in the year). 

Artist Jesse Marsh and writer Gaylord DuBois enjoyed a nineteen-year collaboration and produced many stories which have become fan favorites over the years.

This two-volume work includes all of Jesse Marsh’s work, collected for the first time for publication.

Copies may be ordered from Dark Horse 
or from any online bookseller or general bookstore.

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The Gridley Wave #317 ~ February 2009
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