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Artist Bill Stout sent us a copy of Architectural Digest for March, 2008, with an interesting article entitled "Greystoke Mahale," the name of a new beach resort at Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania described as “the nearest thing to paradise” by the designers. 

It was named after Tarzan's English title, coupled with the nearby mountain range of Mahale. The resort consists of six "bandas" or traditional thatched huts of central Africa. The magazine includes ten color photos of Greystoke Mahale by Tim Beddow, including the main building pictured below which serves as a mess hall. 

The entire article, along with the color photographs, can be viewed:

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Forrest J Ackerman, 1916-2008

Forrest J Ackerman (center) is surrounded by First Fandom colleagues
Julius Schwartz, Sam Moskowitz, Dave Kyle, and Conrad Ruppert
at I-Con in 1995. Sadly, all but Kyle are now deceased.
Photo by John L. Coker III
Forrey Ackerman, "Mr. Sci-Fi," passed away on Thursday, Dec.4, at the age of 92, leaving Burroughs fans grateful for his having lived among us for so many years. He was one of the last Burroughs fans to visit the author of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars at his home in 1947, and attended many Dum-Dums over the years to tell us of this memorable visit. For many years he lived in a historic Hollywood home previously owned by film star Jon Hall, famous for his movies with Maria Montez, and who starred in a 1937 adaptation of The Lad and the Lion by Edgar Rice Burroughs, entitled The Lion Man. Ackerman renamed the famous 18-room house “The Ackermansion,” and many Burroughs fans visited it from time to time, awed by the incredible display of over 300,000 books, posters, masks, statuary, costumes, film props, and personal items of the greatest of the horror film stars who were his personal friends, including Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, and Peter Lorre and wife Celia Lovsky, among others.

On one of our visits to “The Ackermansion” in 1989, one of our ERB fans wandered off-limits to an upstairs bedroom where he saw what he thought was another wax dummy from Forrey’s horror collection. In fact, it was Forrey’s wife, Wendayne, seated in a wheelchair and recovering from paralysis after a freak attack by street thugs in Germany. When the ERB fan poked the figure with his finger to see if it would move, he scared nearly both of them to death when the "wax dummy" came alive!

Forrey published over 50 short stories, edited several horror magazines (best known, Famous Monsters of Filmland), appeared in over 50 sci-fi films, created the popular “Vampirella” for TV, and left an indelible impression on modern day pop culture. His 92nd birthday in November, 2008, was hosted by Ray Bradbury, whom he discovered and one of the many sci-fi writers represented in Forrey Ackermans thriving literary agency. Forrey gave us the photo shown here on one of his visits to Louisville. It was taken in 1995 with four of his sci-fi friends at the New York City I-CON, including Sam Moskowitz, guest speaker at many Dum-Dums, who sailed down the River Iss in 1997. We keep the framed photo inside the Burroughs Memorial Collection as a symbol of the science fiction personalities who have inspired us for the last 100 years. 

... "Ye Editor"
John Carter Of Mars Action Figures 
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Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars Saga is hailed as one of the most influential works to define modern sci-fi and fantasy literature. Written almost a century ago, the epic 11-volume series chronicling John Carter's adventures have thrilled many, many generations of readers. Triad Toys is proud to announce that it has entered into a two-year licensing agreement with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. to produce a range of collectibles, including 12-inch action figures and statues of all the central characters from the beloved novels. The collectibles will consist of both modernized concepts developed by Triad Toys as well as the classic Burroughs vision of the Mars saga with the first series of figures releasing early 2009.

JOHN CARTER OF MARS and A PRINCESS OF MARS™ & © 2008 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. ® All Rights Reserved

The Gridley Wave #316 ~ January 2009
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