The Gridley Wave #313 ~ October 2008
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Jane & Howard Frank Burroughs Collection Up For Auction
There are nine pages of Edgar Rice Burroughs items being offered at auction on October 16, 2008, at Heritage Auction Galleries, 3500 Maple Avenue, 17th Floor, Dallas, TX 75219-3941. Their catalog includes a total of 98 books, but they are being auctioned by LOT instead of by title. So you’ll get anywhere from four to eleven books in one lot. We don’t have enough room to list all the books by title, but here are the seventeen LOT numbers, along with the estimated sale prices. If you want additional information on the auction, or how to get a catalog (Auction #684) call Heritage at 866-835-3243, or register online at The lots include a mix of publishers, including McClurg, Burt, Metropolitan, Grosset & Dunlap, ERB Inc, and Canaveral. In addition to the books by ERB and many others, the Frank Collection also includes many original paintings, including Michael Whelan's artwork for A Fighting Man of Mars.

Lot #90033...Pre-pub paperback of Princess of Mars ($2,000-3,000) (shown)

Lot #90034...Tarzan & the Golden Lion photoplay edition ($1,000-1,500)

Lot #90035...10 early Tarzan titles ($1,000-1,500)
Lot #90036...7 early Tarzan titles ($700-1,000)
Lot #90037...11 later Tarzan titles ($1,000-1,500)

Lot #90038...5 first Mars titles ($1,500-2,000)
Lot #90039...Next 5 Mars titles ($1,200-1,500)
Lot #90040...9 Mars titles ($800-1,200) (shown)

Lot #90041...5 first edition Pellucidar titles ($1,000-l,500) 
Lot #90042...4 Pellucidar titles ($500-750)

Lot #90043...4 Venus titles ($600-800)

Lot #90044...6 Canaveral titles ($400-600)

Lot #90045...8 assorted titles ($500-700)
Lot #90046...8 assorted titles ($300-500)
Lot #90047...7 assorted titles ($400=600)
Lot #90048...6 assorted titles including

Taliaferro biography of ERB ($400-600)

Lot #89121...Fighting Man of Mars

Original painting by Michael Whelan ($12,000-15,000) (shown below)

NOTE: Only 17 of the 98 books listed are without dust jackets...mostly McClurg first editions.

... "Ye Editor"

Sommers in talks to direct 'Tarzan'
Stuart Beattie to write script for WB, Weintraub
By Dave McNary
Posted: Tue., Sep. 2, 2008, 5:00pm PT

Stephen Sommers is in negotiations to direct a bigscreen version of "Tarzan" for Warner Bros. and producer Jerry Weintraub. Sommers will also co-write the “Tarzan” script with Stuart Beattie. Sommers directed the recently wrapped “G.I. Joe” for Paramount, with Beattie penning the final draft of the screenplay. [Sommers is probably best known for the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies.]

Warner Bros. and Weintraub have been developing "Tarzan" since 2003, when John August was hired to pen a new take on the Edgar Rice Burroughs-created character. Two years ago, the studio was negotiating with Guillermo del Toro to direct.

Burroughs' "Tarzan of the Apes" was written in 1912. Onscreen, the ape-man character became strongly identified with Johnny Weismuller during the 1930s in MGM’s series of features.

Warner Bros. put the character back on the bigscreen with its 1984 pic "Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes," starring Christopher Lambert. Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow also made 1998's "Tarzan and the Lost City," starring Casper Van Dien. In 2003, Warner Bros. TV produced a short-lived "Tarzan" skein for the WB Network.

Beattie's other credits include "Collateral," the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise and Baz Luhrmann's upcoming "Australia."

Weissmuller Stamp Exhibit

Some of you may recall that our Italian Burroughs Bibliophile from Milano, Camillo Moscati, mounted a large exhibition at the Parabiago Museum of Postal History. One of his special collections of stamps and postcards featured the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller (1904-2004), so he sent us some color photos of his extensive collection.

I wish we could publish them in color, but we hope they will be clear enough to give you an idea of the European celebration of Weissmuller.
(Webmaster's Note: The Web version of the WAVE is presented in full colour.)

The exhibit also featured glossy photos and signatures of Weissmuller and Maureen O’Sullivan to broaden the scope of his presentation. It was very well received in the Parbiago-Milanese area.

... "Ye Editor"
The Gridley Wave #313 ~ October 2008
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