The Gridley Wave #312 ~ September 2008
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Photos by Carole Bender

Henry Franke gets the ERB Life Achievement Award
from Burroughs Bibliophiles Chairman Laurence Dunn

Brad Vinson is surprised 
by an honorary “Mucker”

Llana Jane, Dejah and Linda Burroughs with
Bev Chapman at the head table at the Dum-Dum banquet

Guest of Honor Jack Bender receives the Golden Lion
Award from Dum-Dum host Mike Chapman.

Convention guest David Fury

Guest of Honor, Denny Miller


"Ye Editor" Honored at U of L Library
George T. McWhorter, Curator of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Memorial Collection at the University of Louisville, was honored at a reception in the Ekstrom Library on August 28. 

"Since the beginning of his 36-year career with University of Louisville, Professor George T. McWhorter has enriched the university with his thoughtful and significant gifts," said Cheryl Crane, Development Director, University of Louisville Libraries, at the ceremony. 

Two original Arthur Rackham items were presented to the library in his honor. The Rackham collection is one of several that George has supported and underwritten over his 36 years at U of L. (“He already has everything Burroughs,” joked Special Collections Head Delinda Buie.)

Photos by Amy Purcell

Several Burroughs Bibliophiles attended the reception at U of L
on August 28, among them (left to right):
Jim Thompson, Jerry Spannraft, George McWhorter, Mike Conran, John Layne Wood.
In front: Bobbie Rucker.

George and Delinda Buie, Head, Special Collections, 
show the Arthur Rackham letter and bookplate
presented to the Ekstrom Library in George’s honor.

A display of ERB first editions
The Gridley Wave #312 ~ September 2008
Published monthly for the Burroughs Bibliophiles as a supplement to The Burroughs Bulletin. Edited by George T. McWhorter,
The Edgar Rice Burroughs Memorial Collection, William F. Ekstrom Library, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292.
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