The Gridley Wave #299 ~ August 2007
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Nearly 100 Burroughs Bibliophiles from around the world 
gathered in Louisville August 2-5 for the 2007 Dum-Dum. 

Doublevenue scenes included exhibits and activities at the University of Louisville Library, 
featuring the dedication of the Bob Hyde Collection,
and Dum-Dum events at the Galt House Hotel on the Louisville riverfront. 
Photos from the event are presented below.
Photos by John Nation (except Jeopardy, Whites and Spear photos by Courtney Hughes).

... "Ye Editor"

Host George McWhorter welcomes attendees 
at the banquet on Saturday evening.

Fans examine items from the Bob Hyde exhibit in the U of L Library.

Joan Bledig (left) of the Chicago Muckers 
emcees the ERB Jeopardy game on Friday.

Guest Denny Miller chats with Dela and Roy White 
in the library's Rare Book room.

Members of Bob Hyde's family 
gather at the dedication ceremony in the library.

Fans peruse collectibles in the huckster room.

Bill Morse displays his movie poster reproductions.

John Tyner signs a souvenir book 
during the annual banquet.

Denny Miller confers with George McWhorter in the huckster room.

John Hyde, son of Bob Hyde, passes his father's Tarzan spear 
as a symbol to George McWhorter 
during the dedication ceremony on Friday.

Mike Conran gives the 
Herman Brix Tarzan yell at the banquet.

Guest artist Richard Hescox 
speaks following the banquet. 

.Dorothy Howell and others enjoy the program.

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The Gridley Wave #299 ~ August 2007
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