The Gridley Wave #273 ~ June 2005
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Binti Balu and Summer Sales
An Associated Press brief concerning new gorilla baby for Binti is printed below, along with a copy of the BB plaque designed by Bob Cook of Atlantic Beach, Florida. The zoo returned the plaque to us because they didnít wish to show favoritism to one of their inmates. 

There is belated news from last yearís Dum-Dum in Colorado. Lydie Denier accepted money for taped copies of her Tarzan-TV series, and then returned to France. The original list has been lost, but the tapes have been found, so if you paid for a DVD or VHS version of these TV shows, send us your name and address and get your tapes delivered from Jerry OíHara, Danton Burroughs' agent. 

He is also handling sales of the new Tarzan Yell dolls seen pictured in this issue. You can order the doll for $49.95 plus $6.95 for shipping & handling by calling Jerry O'Hara at (909) 875-3296. (They are also available for purchase through eBay.) 

In other news:

Mark Hime of Biblioctopus is selling 22 first edition Tarzan books signed by ERB for the princely sum of $260,000. You can catch his website which describes these books in detail at 

Disney is releasing a "prequel" to their animated Tarzan film this month. There's likely nothing of Burroughs in the storyline, but the kids will no doubt love it!

Finally, below is an ad for the new packaging of the 1932 Tarzan radio shows. Our own Robert R. Barrett served as consultant for the project. 

... "Ye Editor"

Motherly ape has its own baby

The Associated Press ~ May 7, 2005
BROOKFIELD, ILL. A Brookfield Zoo gorilla which showed off her maternal instincts when she cradled a toddler who fell into the exhibit has become a mother, again. Binti Jua, a western lowland gorilla, gave birth this week. Binti, 17, was moved from
the San Francisco Zoo to Brookfield in 1991 for breeding. The ape gave birth to her only other baby in 1995.

In 1996, Binti picked up a three-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla exhibit and carried him to a doorway where zoo staff could reach him.

We made a mistake in last month's announcement. 
The T-shirts, buttons and surprise souvenir 
will definitely be covered by the registration fee. 

Non-menbers will have to pay for these items.

Call host Jerry Spannraft by August 1 
to register for the August 10-14 Dum-Dum at 
(708) 361-2492. 

Among the activities will be 
guided tours of ERBís old haunts and houses,
as well as a visit to the ERB Museum in Oak Park.

The Gridley Wave #273 ~ June 2005
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